The Pluto People is a mysterious collection of portraits discovered by a team of scientists in an underground complex deep within the ice of Pluto.

These scientists have analysed the complex systems that make up the images and have included a detailed list of individual attributes in each NFT. This guide will help you understand the significance of each of the many traits.

Traits with rarity

Whilst all The Pluto People portraits are unique & richly detailed artworks worth owning and the significance & value of their contents is open to interpretation, there are certainly some traits with possibilities that occur far less often than others.

Head shape

One of the defining characteristics of a Pluto Person is the shape of their head. The scientists have noted that some head shapes appear less often than others.


The Pluto People appear to wear outfits that fall into recognisable categories. The scientists have given them names based on what the patterns remind them of and to reflect their theory that these outfits may suggest some societal role & as would be expected in a society, there is an uneven distribution of different roles.


The location of each image can be neatly split into a background & a foreground. The scientists don’t know where the images are taking place. Perhaps they represent places of signifance to the portraits’ subjects? If so, some are more popular than others.


In most cases the scientists do not recognise any of the constellations depicted in each portrait and have therefore simply assigned them numbers. However on rare occasions more recognisable constellations do occur — perhaps you might know some of them by their real names.


As with everything else, the symbols in bottom left of each image are a total mystery. The scientists refer to them as items as they hypothesise that they perhaps represent some kind of inventory. Perhaps future discoveries in the Plutonian complex will confirm this to be correct or not.


The planets are almost all equally distributed (and like the constellations, not recognised by the scientists and therefore assigned numbers) with one notable exception, making this trait worth mentioning here.


On very rare occasions, some scans result in multiple different versions of the same portrait, even though the original painting remains unchanged to the naked eye. These different versions have been put into a single sequence that appears to capture a looping moment in time.


Similarly rarely, certain portraits suffer from a kind of data corruption when scanned, even when the process is re-attempted. Whilst it affects the image, the scientists view this as a rare opportunity to better understand the mysteries of these paintings.


Each Pluto Person appears to have a unique set of four characters on their chest which the scientists currently interpret as some kind of name badge.